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by empress thyself

Let me take you on a journey beyond what you experience in this 3D world. We all have the power to connect to other dimensions, realms, timelines and realities. The connection between mother and baby defies this physical existence we call life. Whether you simply want to connect with your baby to strengthen your bond, transcend what might be stopping you from conceiving, gain insight in to why a pregnancy ended, be in resonance with your ideal birth, or something else. I offer the space and guidance to allow you to connect to your spirit baby on a soul level and call in your desired reality.

Connection Journey

This is an exploratory journey where you connect to your spirit baby. Here you may remember the contract you have with your baby including why your souls chose this mother child relationship and any lessons for you to learn through this dynamic in this lifetime. We can also journey to any past lives your souls have lived together to gain insights into any unfinished business, karma, or debts that will play out in this lifetime. You may also remember that you and your spirit baby have lived together on other planets or realms.

Resonance Journey

In This journey you'll be guided to meet a future version of yourself who is either pregnant, in labour or already given birth, in line with your ideal reality.  You will be able to blend your vibration with that version of yourself which in turn raises your vibration in the here and now to be in resonance with that reality. This is a profound journey that allows you to instantaneously transcend anything that is holding you back from conceiving or experiencing your dream birth.

While each journey has a basic structure to it, everyone will experience them differently as your higher self is in control and knows where it needs to take you for your highest good.

Each session is tailored to the client and what they want to get out of the experience.

Journeys can be purchased separately or in a package.

For more information, pricing, or to book, please contact me.

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