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Intuitive Healing





A friend of my mother is a fantastic tarot reader. I used to go to her house and she would read the cards for me. One night, it was suggested that I read for her. I had absolutely no experience in tarot or anything of the kind. I reluctantly agreed and placed out the cards as instructed. With no guidance or knowledge of the card meanings, I simply started interpreting the cards and describing what I saw and felt. To my surprise it was very easy and the words just flowed out of my mouth. It felt completely natural as if it was something I'd done before. I have come to acknowledge that this is a soul gift.

After that night, I decided to purchase my own deck and start "practising" reading for friends and family. I describe this more as a remembering rather than a learning experience. I also worked on trusting myself and my intuition more, and in doing this, my style of reading tarot became defined. My readings offer soul growth guidance; they are far beyond simply making predictions. I am able to offer intuitive advice to help guide you in living a soul-led life. My intention is to connect with your soul and awaken you to hear its messages.


Accredited Ultimate Consciousness Facilitator

I came to study Ultimate Consciousness in a very interesting and soul-led way. I was in a Facebook group during the Covid era when everyone seemed to be feeling lost and re-evaluating their lives. One night I had a dream about one of the members of the group who was a complete stranger to me. The dream compelled me to contact him and reach out to be a client of his, despite not having any idea what he actually did for work! This is how I was introduced to the higher consciousness modalities founded by Peter Smith. 

That session was a catalyst for me and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I had never known what I wanted to do for a living and after being lead in to my higher consciousness and having such a profound experience, I started having downloads about my soul purpose. This lead me to study Ultimate Consciousness. I experienced the life-changing benefits of this modality first hand and love being able to facilitate clients on this amazing journey and witness the same unfolding happen for them.


Spinal Energetics Practitioner (Level One)

After studying Ultimate Consciousness I quickly decided I wanted to add a body based modality to my skillset to complement the higher consciousness offering. As soon as I decided this, the universe immediately brought Spinal Energetics in to my awareness by way of Instagram. I saw that Dr. Sarah Jane, the founder of Spinal Energetics, was teaching this modality and immediately reached out to learn more. There was a spot available at the next training which felt divinely guided so I jumped at the opportunity.

As someone who has experienced some trauma in my life and tried many things to move beyond it, Spinal Energetics has been an incredibly life-changing process, shifting stuck energy in my nervous system, relieving physical pain in my body and releasing emotional baggage. What I love about this modality is you don't have to relive any events to unwind resistance and trauma in the body. Because it accesses so many layers, it truly does create profound shifts not only internally but also externally. You are sure to see your life level up as mine has done since experiencing this offering.